Minority Report : The Photographs

May 4, 2011

I think the photographs of the body of Osama bin Laden should be released.

I want those pictures to come to the mind of those who will follow after him, when they consider organizing the slaughter of my neighbors. I want them to know, not fear, or suspect, but know with certainty that if they do so, sooner or later, angry men with guns will knock down their doors and shoot at them until they look like that picture. I want it to give them a moment of pause. For some of them that may be a price worth paying, but I suspect it would discourage some as well.

Certainly, despite all his fearless talk about martyrdom and rewards in the next life, Osama himself went to great pains to stay out of the crosshairs for as long as he could. Are there jihadis who don’t care if we find them and exact revenge? Certainly. Are there many more who are more likely to become jihadis if they think they can get away with it? I don’t think we can discount that possibility.

Make them remember the image of the consequences when they decide.

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