Minority Report : Change

May 27, 2011

“This law – the very purpose of which was to protect us – [is] also threatening to violate our rights and freedoms as Americans. … We have been forced to consider a piece of rushed legislation that fails to address the concerns of members of both parties as well as the American people. … Giving law enforcement the tools they need to investigate suspicious activity is one thing – and it’s the right thing – but doing it without any real oversight seriously jeopardizes the rights of all Americans and the ideals America stands for.”
-Senator Barack Obama, December 15, 2005

“The bottom line is that if these provisions are allowed to lapse, even temporarily, the nation will be less safe. … We cannot allow political brinksmanship to put our nation’s security at risk. Congress must pass these provisions of FISA immediately.”
-Obama Administration, May 26, 2011


In this matter, I much preferred the President when he was a Senator.

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