The Professional Mourner

August 4, 2011

There’s been no lack of commentary on David Drummond’s public letter to Apple, but I thought I might ad my two cents. Are you ready? Here goes…


Cry me a freaking river.


Before we all shed a tear for how unfair everybody is being to Android, let’s all remember what Android actually is.

Android is the technology industry equivalent of a suicide bomb. Google has elected to throw vast amounts of money made in other industries into a fire to freely give away a smartphone platform positioned opposite (and largely derivative of) the for-profit efforts of the real innovators in the industry. They do this in an effort to implode the profitability of those players in order to have monopoly position in the smoldering ruins that result. Android is not designed to compete against other platforms, it is designed to collapse them, that’s why it’s free. Google is losing billions to developing android specifically to destroy the other companies in the market by undermining their profitability.

That is some serious hardball.

For the record, I don’t have any ethical qualms about Google’s strategy here, but you simply don’t get to adopt a scorched earth policy and burn buildings full of money in an attempt to keep your opponents from being able to make a profit and then change into your baby diaper to complain that they’re not being fair.

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